Kevin Maher of The Times called it a “brilliant one-take thriller with shades of Locke” with a “fantastically convoluted plot”.

“Director Stephen Fingleton, on his second feature… displays an effortless grasp of genre and pacing while the underrated character actor Moe Dunford is terrifically intense throughout.” Link here (paywalled)

Declan Burke of The Irish Examiner wrote that “Dunford is superb here… Ben Conway’s script is a masterclass in how to blend plot and character, and the result is a piece of bravura film-making that may well be the best ever B-movie that Ireland has ever produced”. Link here.

RTÉ Guide’s Michael Doherty described NIGHTRIDE as a “superb thriller… Moe Dunford is terrific. This race-against-time drama is a triumph for both actor and director.”

In a 4 star review, the Irish Daily mail proclaimed the film as a “thrilling Nightride through the Belfast streets”. “The overall product is a very clever, dark and at times quite funny film… a one shot isn’t easy, but they seemed to pull it off with ease.”

Chris Wasser of The Sunday Independent declared it a “tense and capably crafted thriller, shot in real time in a single take”.

The Sunday World said “Nightride Hits the Mark In One,” describing it as a “daring movie-making challenge… the one-shot style helps make it an immersive and tense experience for the viewer”.

In The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw described the film as “a lean, taut one take gangster thriller… the drama has brio and craftsmanship in abundance”.

In Film Magazine Ireland, writes that “Stephen Fingleton has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with his sophomore feature Nightride, an intense, high-octane thriller shot in real time.”.Link here.

Christian Valentin described Moe Dunford as “rivetiing… Propelled by an unwavering camera and cunning lead, this exhausting distant thriller is urgent, tense”. Link here.

Carla Hay of Culture said the film was “an adrenaline-fueled and entertaining thriller”. Link here.

Comic Book Review said the film was a “strong crime thriller”. Link here.

John Bell writing for Crooked Marquee said Nightride was “suspenseful and gripping” in a B+ review. Link here.

William Tucker of the blog But Why Tho in a 9/10 review said NIGHTRIDE was an “unforgettable ride.” “Fingleton manages to make this movie incredibly nerve-wracking despite not seeing the action… the performance of Dunford that boggles the mind… To be in character within a film that has no cuts and is in real-time takes incredible talent.” Nightride isn’t just a “remarkable display of filmmaking. It is a powerful, emotive story that leaves your nerves shot by the time the credits roll” Nightride Review – But Why Tho?