THE SURVIVALIST: UK DVD/Blu-ray purchasing guide

THE SURVIVALIST is released in the UK & Eire on the 15th April 2016 on DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD by Bulldog Distribution. It is a Region 0 disk which means it can be viewed on any system worldwide, irrespective of region locking, including the United States.

The disc and some online purchases include the short films MAGPIE (a precursor short shot to secure funding from the BFI), INSULIN and MAGPIE, all of which are prequels set within the world of the film and shot specifically for home release. INSULIN is directed by the Ryan and Andy Tohill and AWAYDAYS by Michael Lennox.

Sound plays a crucial role in THE SURVIVALIST. The different releases have different sound mixes.  The DVD and VOD versions of the film feature the TV mix created by Jamie Roden. This was an all new mix to conform to television delivery standards and provide an evocation of the sound of the cinema mix through raising the volume of elements that would otherwise be lost in a home viewing setting, including industry standard compression.

The blu-ray, uniquely, features the original cinema master mix, not the TV mix. If you have a quality sound system – then the blu-ray is the optimal purchase to hear the truly fantastic work Jamie and his team did at Goldcrest as it was originally intended. You may also consider ripping the sound and recreating the disk as a file to remove the automatic dynamic range compression applied by most blu-ray systems.

If you are interested in purchasing any signed copies of either the DVD or blu-ray please contact info AT