Tribeca Critics React to THE SURVIVALIST

THE SURVIVALIST has opened to widespread critical acclaim in Tribeca, gaining a Special Mention from the Jury. It received a 5 star review from Time Out New York which called it a “masterful, uncompromising debut”.

A deep review from Screen International said “all three performances are superb”.  Birth Movies Death, described it (accurately) as “Interstellar Meets Cabin in the Woods”.

The Jury awarded the film a Special Mention in the Best New Director category. They said “we must acknowledge with a Special Jury Mention a director who was able to keep intensity and tension suspended in a single location. Through gripping performances and artful shooting, he created a film world we couldn’t wait to get out of, but felt compelled to stay in.” For a breakdown of the awards, you can read Mark Young’s account here.

Tribeca Reviews:

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